This blog scored 2,700 views in 2012.

Nothing to crow about, of course, considering I’d get that much traffic on my old blog in a week! But that’s what happens when a blog sputters to a stand still. It must have been frustrating for readers to return to a blog that hasn’t been updated for months, with stories and recipes that have gone – in much the same way as an old pizza in the ref – stale.

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It’s not that myopenkitchen has closed. In fact, there’s been a lot of cooking during those months. It’s the writing that got stuck – with this writer unable to heave an ounce of effort to yank herself out of what seemed like a writer’s block. Or blocks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Not to mention the endless links that led everywhere and nowhere, but this blog.

Hence the resolve for 2013: cook, celebrate and move that cursor along!