Tennis and Conversation was about food, wine, travel, love and other distractions – and hardly anything about the game. As one reader commented: all talk, no tennis.  In 2010, while I wasn’t looking  – truth was I missed Google’s reminder that my domain was about to expire and I should pay up! – someone bought the domain, Now, it’s all tennis and no conversation, just a one-way discourse on the game by some consultancy firm.

Good thing I’ve turned my blog into a book via this incredible website, blog2print. I have printed only two copies – one to be kept in Toronto and the other in Manila – but a pdf file resides here in My Open Kitchen.

Through my old blog, I met a lot of people – most of them passionate bloggers and avid commenters –  who not only became friends but, to this day , continue to be great company at dinner tables. I hope to draw the same passionate, interesting folks to My Open Kitchen.

Reading Tennis and Conversation requires patience, as it is in PDF format. But I promise you a good read. Scroll down the pages, or  jump to a page for any title or subject you fancy from the table of contents.

Volume 1: Tennis and Conversation 2005-2007

Volume 2: Tennis and Conversation 2008-2010